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In this session, you will find articles on every aspect of Electric RC Helicopters. As this fascinating hobby is so entertaining, there are new things to learn everyday!


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RTF - Are they really "Ready to Fly"?


many manufacturers launch beginner models labeled as RTF or "Ready to Fly"- but are they really? In fact, the phrase "Ready to fly" was born in the days of more "traditional" RC aviation. What it actually meant, at least initially, was "required no assembly". It didn't mean that RTF kits didn't require set-ups, tuning, or tinkering before it could take to the air. Nowadays, however, new pilots just starting out with this hobby expect their new model that comes labeled as "flying right out of the box" to do just that. Unfortunately, that is not always the case...

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Coaxial RC Helicopters: How Do They Work?

li-poCoaxial helicopter is one of the more popular images that come to mind when people think about electric RC helicopters. And for good reasons too; these double-bladed helicopters is accredited with bringing hordes of new enthusiast into the world of RC aviation. Their popularity stems from their unequivocal stability in the air - which makes them relatively easier to master when compared to their single rotor counter part. They are also predictable enough to be flown within the compounds of one's home, securing its spot as one of the most loved indoor fliers. Being able to fly right out of the box because they are sold as RTF (Ready to Fly) kits adds to their appeal. Here's how they work...

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Fixed Vs. Collective Pitch

collective_pitchRC Helicopters are becoming so popular that it attracts many new enthusiasts everyday. Upon getting their hands on this new enjoyable hobby, many beginners become puzzled when they know that RC helicopters come labeled either as "fixed pitched" or "collective pitch". For this reason, many new pilots have come to wonder what exactly the difference between the two is.

To understand how these two pitch setups differ, the first step is to come to know what "pitch" means. The "pitch" of a helicopter is the angle of the main rotor blade...

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